My aim with this section is to gradually fill it with stories (old and not so old) of memorable weather events that have happened in Wishaw.

As long as I can remember I have always had a strong interest in what the weather is doing and as a seven or eight year old, I remember having a weather diary that I had to fill in on a daily basis as part of my classwork. The class also had a rudimentary weather station (I think there was a max/min thermometer and a very dodgy rain gauge set up)

Around 1989 I bought a proper max/min thermometer and constructed a very basic screen to sit it in soon after.

A rain measuring cylinder and barometer followed soon after. And at the end of 1993 I started keeping paper observation records as a hobby.

Over the next six or seven years the records would occasionally have gaps as I moved around with life and work, but they were over 75% complete as my parents would try their best to write down the data.

In late 2000 I moved up a gear with the purchase of a fully automated and screened station, this included an anemometer which was sighted at the proper 10-meter height, well above my parents' roofline. Now that I had real-time digital data, I began uploading it too early online weather apps and sites. And in 2002 I began my first website - which some of you may remember.

Due to other commitments, I didn't have the time to maintain the old website but the station would remain, recording data, at my parents' house (on North Dryburgh Road in Wishaw) until mid-2018, despite me not living there for many years.

In June 2018 I purchased a new, up-to-date station with many more sensors and sited it at my current location in Netherton, Wishaw. Again, I sited the anemometer above my roof, at the correct 10-meter height. (It really does annoy me that some people splash out a lot of money on expensive weather stations and then don't even bother to lift their anemometers above their gardens).

In 2018 wishawweather.com was bought, and in the three years since I've slowly built this website. I hope the station and the site will serve as a hobby for the rest of my life. Educating and informing as many as are interested. And possibly inspiring some young kids to follow suit in the coming decades.