In Wishaw it's currently Overcast/Dry, it feels at 12.3°C and there's a Gentle Breeze from the ENE - gusting to 17 mph ENE. Visibility is 2 mile(s) --- Glasgow is currently reporting --- overcast, and Edinburgh reports overcastWeather: light rain, drizzle.

Light rain and showers on Monday with a stiff breeze at times, also fairly cool. Similar on Tuesday.

Fact for the day

How often does it get warm in May?


That depends on your definition of warm! The average May should see two days where the temperature exceeds 70F (21.1C)

The last time it didn't happen was in May 2015. But in May 1980 it reached the mark a staggering ten times!

On rare occasions it can get into the 80'sF as it did in 2020. And just 5 years ago, in 2017 it did so twice.

May is on average the most sunny month of the year and as long as there isn't an easterly blowing off the north sea -

It's usually pleasant in any strong afternoon sunshine. UV levels can often be moderate to high though -

Particularly towards the end of May when level 7 is possible in the middle of the day.

Clear skies overnight in May can give way to the odd frost, given calm conditions

And in 1995, Wishaw even seen a seven inch fall of snow - but it was all gone by midday.

If I had released a balloon at midnight on January 1st in Wishaw, given no obstacles, midnight on January 17th it would be 50 miles south of the northern tip of the Russian island of Novaya Zemlya in the high arctic.

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18 Dry Mainly fine

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18 Dry Mainly fine

Its Afternoon,Overcast/Dry and it feels Mild outside. The temperature has been rising for the last few hours. There is a Gentle Breeze from the East north east