In Wishaw it's currently Dry/overcast, it feels at 9.8°C and there's a Moderate Breeze from the SW - gusting to 28 mph WSW. Visibility is 4 mile(s) --- Glasgow is currently reporting --- overcast, and Edinburgh reports mostly cloudy.

Cloudy on Wednesday, becoming wet and windy in the afternoon and into the evening before clearing later. Fair on Thursday, but unsettled again on Friday.

Fact for the day

The month of January has a knack of throwing up some gales

The current forecast has some windy days coming up, but I doubt if we'll manage a proper gale.

We have to go back to February 2020 for the last gale (force 7) in Wishaw

September 2018 for the last strong gale (force 8)

January 2012 for the last severe gale (force 9)

And December 1998 for the last storm (force 10 Gale)

Whilst some big branches can come down in a force 8, it takes a force 9 or higher to damage structures.

This happens on average in Wishaw once per decade. It's just about overdue!

Force 11 has only happened once (in January 1968), see the "Glasgow Hurricane" for information.

If I had released a balloon at midnight on January 1st in Wishaw, given no obstacles, midnight on January 17th it would be 50 miles south of the northern tip of the Russian island of Novaya Zemlya in the high arctic.

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13 Dry Partly cloudy night

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13 Dry Partly cloudy night

Its Evening,Dry/overcast and it feels Cool outside. The temperature has been rising for the last few hours. There is a Moderate Breeze from the West south west